The International Journalism Festival will take place April 24-27 in Perugia, Italy. We are excited to announce that the School of Data Journalism will be held for the second time at the festival. The workshop will be run by the School of Data team at the Open Knowledge Foundation and the European Journalism Centre (EJC) with the support of the international journalism festival. The school is organized by at the European Journalism Centre. Entry to the School of Data Journalism panels and workshops is free.


So what is there to look forward to? There will be a data journalism workshop each day of the festival. On April 24th Steve Doig will guide you through Excel as a tool for journalism. The following day you can find out how to use the Twitter API for journalism. On April 26th the workshop will be a survival guide to making data visualizations. Finally, on April 27th you will cover data visualization, maps and timelines on a shoestring. The visualization guidance for these workshops will be given by award-winning interactive news developer Gregor Aisch.

Along with the workshops there will be panel discussions each day of the festival.
On April 24th we’ll be discussing the state of data journalism in 2013. The following day the topic will be data and investigations and collaborating across borders. We’ll be debating data journalism in Southern European countries on the April 26th, an event that has been co-organized with Ahref and And on April 27th we’ll be covering emergencies in the Age of Big Data, this final workshop will cover the new role of journalists during humanitarian emergencies, this session is organized as part of the EJC’s new initiative Emergency Journalism .

who will be there

Discussing these issues we have:

  • Anthony de Rosa, social media editor, Reuters
  • Aron Pilhofer, editor of Interactive News, The New York Times
  • Dan Sinker, director, Knight-Mozilla OpenNews
  • Elisabetta Tola, co-founder Formicablu, data journalism trainer
  • Friedrich Lindenberg, OpenNews fellow, Spiegel Online
  • Guido Romeo, science editor, Wired Italy, Ahref
  • Jack Thurston, writer, broadcaster and co-founder of and
  • James Ball, data journalist, Guardian
  • Mar Cabra, multimedia investigative journalist
  • Marko Rakar, president of Windmill, blogger and data journalist
  • Paul Radu, executive director of the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, co-founder of the Investigative Dashboard concept

Tempted to join us? You can sign up using this registration form. We look forward to seeing some of you in beautiful Perugia in April.