Most of us have become so used to being able to do so much online that is comes as a surprise when we want to do something and can’t find the tools to do it.

That’s the situation confronting the Gotham Gazette staff as we move forward with our Councilpedia project that will use crowdsourcing to probe the links between money and politics. I’m hoping you can help. (For more on Councilpedia see my earlier post.)

Monitoring Revisions

The project will enable registered users to contribute information on campaign donors and the politicians they help. Like Wikipedia, Councilpedia needs to allow readers to easily provide us with information. But we also want the ability to monitor revisions much the same way that Microsoft Word’s track changes does.

Our technical manager, JaVon Rice, has found that Mediawiki simply does not do everything we need it to do and is looking for something essentially like Writeboard or Google Docs, except for public rather than just internal use.

Any ideas? Please share them in the comments.

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