In September, we were approached by a major national magazine to help produce content for a new monthly green column in their print magazine, which has a subscriber-ship of 900,000 and a readership of over 6 MILLION. As they are entertainment-news oriented, but have been trying to implement a green column, their editorial team had trouble creating environmental content that was relevant for their target audience. Thus, when they came across, they wanted to meet with us immediately.

The best part of our arrangement is our idea to including Beanstockd Game clues in the green column of their magazine. It will be a tangible real-world connection for the players of the Beanstockd Game (they can go to the local newsstand, flip to the green column of this magazine, and hence be immersed in the game environment even outside their computers and mobile devices. It will also be a fantastic way to drive more users to the Beanstockd game when it is publicly launched.

We had a fantastic meeting with 2 of their representatives, and we are hoping to begin content sharing before the end of the year. Very exciting!