Each week, we look forward to keeping you apprised of changes, developments, and progress happening with the Beanstockd Game. But, this week, I wanted to amend our weekly report card with some of the fun stuff happening on the media side of Beanstockd!

This month, we were able to send several of our writers to the Presidential Inauguration, and even got a special invitation to attend the Green Inaugural Ball in Washington, DC. Our writeup of the event can be found here: Beanstockd Goes to Washington: The Green Inaugural Ball

After the inauguration, a few of our team members flew out to Park City, UT to cover the 2009 Sundance Film Festival. Our review of the films we saw and the entire festival (which was very green this year!) can be found here: Beanstockd Does The Sundance Film Festival

Finally, later this summer we are making preparations to shoot our own environmental ‘docudrama’ which, similar to the Beanstockd Game, will aim to connect with a mainstream audience yet empower individuals in their ability to effect environmental change in their daily lives.

That’s just a taste of what we’ve got up our sleeves in 2009!
So keep reading Beanstockd.com.
And PBS Idea Lab. :)