Last week, members of the Beanstockd Team participated in the inaugural Beanstockd internal beta test of the Beanstockd Game. Members of the Beanstockd Team spent one week taking environmental actions and getting credit for it through the Beanstockd interface in order to brainstorm ways to make it better, find any bugs, and compete for a team prize: organic sweets from Manhattan’s finest green bakery.

After a 5-day, head-to-head battle between Team Apley and Team Wigglesworth (we arbitrarily split into two teams), only one winner could remain. Congrats to Team Wigg! They will be handsomely rewarded at the Beanstockd Holiday party later this month.

In the meantime, we are surveying the players to get detailed information on what worked, what didn’t, how the game affected them, any strategy they employed, what was fun, and what could be more fun.

Preliminary comments have included:

1. The desire for a recent activity summary on the dashboard

2. The ability to chat/converse with the OTHER teams (“I really really want to let them know how superior my actions are”)

3. And the desire for an archive tab of all past actions/winners/prizes, etc.

Stay tuned for more results!