So which are the regular websites visited by the big names at the MIT Center for Future Civic Media conference? I asked people like Jay Rosen, JD Lasica, Amy Gahran, Paul Grabowicz, Henry Jenkins and others to share their favorites.

Surveying ten or so folks shows that top of the list is Jeff Jarvis’ BuzzMachine. It’s followed closely by Amy Gahran’s E-Media Tidbits and Jay Rosen’s Pressthink.

Dan Gilmor, Romanesko and Mark Glaser’s MediaShift are also popular online destinations.

Also mentioned were:
Dave Winer’s Scripting News
Doc Searles
Steve Outing
JD Lasica’s Social Media
Online Journalism Review
Dave Weinberger’s Joho
Mindy McAdams
Ethan Zuckerman
Fred Wilson
Ryan Sholin Invisible Inkling
Charlie Beckett
Henry Jenkins Aca-fan
Convergence Culture Consortium (at MIT)
Danah Boyd
Terry Heaton
Grant McCracken