Goal 1: Staffing.
Our first goal for the Deproduction / Denver Open Media project was to establish the development team. In June, we hired long-time contractor Brian Hiatt, as well as his partner/designer Sharee Dierringer, merging their Drupal development shop, Civic Pixel, into the Deproduction Family. We also posted our Developer Job Opening and with Brian at the helm, conducted a three-part interview process, and feel good about our top candidate. We hope to bring him on-board full-time by July 1.

We’re also lucky to have applied-for, and received, a CTC Vista, who will start on July 1 and will work full-time at DOM for at least 11 months. This team, combined with support from two frequent contractors and a part-time intern should represent an entirely new level of development capacity for the organization.

Goal 2: Reconnaissance.
Our second step is to ascertain and document the development already underway to be included in the suite of Drupal modules we hope to make available to the Public Access and CTC Community. We plan to catalog those efforts at groups.drupal.org/pegspace and will include the important work being done by MNN & OpenFlows, Vermont, Reno, and more.

Goal 3: Announce Beta-Grant Opportunity.
Our third goal for the summer is to release an application for Public Access stations or CTCs wanting to implement the beta-version of this tool-set and join Denver Open Media in testing and revising the tools througout 2009.