I was pretty amazed last night with the multiple live feeds CNN.com provided to the different Iowa Caucus candidate parties. Each Presidential election, the major media sites and a gazillion .com ventures ratchet up their online coverage of this signature race. My question to blog readers – is there any sign that this creativity has any momentum down the ballot? Please share any links in your comments.

In 2006, I was the host of a unique asynchronous two week online candidate debate among all the candidates on the ballot for Minnesota Governor. Beyond basic online voter guides and article packages, as we go to the state and local level, this space feels a bit lonely.

Steven Clift

P.S. Next week I’ll be in DC at an event covering the “White House 2.0” theme. The general notion is that the candidates will have hard time turning off all the online interactivity they are using to get elected. See: http://pages.e-democracy.org/Great_Expectations