picturephoning.pngFor those of you who attended the Consumer Electronics Show last week, you may have seen this new “TV Glasses” gadget that allows you to watch a movie played on an MP3 player or cell phone. It appears to be the next evolution of what began with the Walkman and personal digital devices toward the further privitization of the public media space.

While old schoolers might compain that the “iPodization” or tuning out of our culture is bad enough as it is, others might argue that such devices are no worse than someone reading a book or checking their blackberry in public. Some might even say that, unlike the cell phone, such devices are desireable because they keep us from having to partake in other people’s conversations and digital consumption in the public sphere.

For the news media and broadcast channels it represents another video-enhanced opportunity to address a captive audience while away from the TV, radio, and desktop – a trend which is already quite popular in Japan and other places. Down the road it might also represent a more visually stimulating, customizable, and comfortable way to deliver text-based media like newspaper and magazine articles and blogs.

What do you think of this new media “opportunity”, and about the further privitization and customization of media consumption?

As for me, I just hope people don’t drive or ride a bike with damn things on!