We haven’t posted much until now because we’ve been busy getting the “beta” version of our game engine off the drawing board. We now have an initial build that Nora will demo at the ONA conference in a few days.

After some serious brainstorming sessions with game designers, news professionals and people who actually play games, we have a good idea about the type of game environment we will be prototyping.

We have some questions and comments for the others in the group who are also working on games and news applications and I’m sure we will have much more to share now that we’ve got a good look at what we have to work with.

We are pushing the boundaries for what is and isn’t a “game,” and are thinking hard about how to engage “newsers” in a way that stays true to the news context but allows for that element of creativity and “play” that is so important to this experiment.

It has been fun, and it is just starting….