I am surpised how little of the discussion at the Online News Association conference going on today is around mobile media like cell phones and other handheld devices. The fact that we are approaching 3 Billion mobile users (compared to 1 Billion computer users), and that mobile use globally is growing rapidly while PC usage is flattening, should be on media minds everywhere. Just this month in India, for example, it was reported that the total number of fixed line Internet connections dropped to 9.22 million between April and June from 9.27 million the previous quarter. It may be that Indians, like others across the globe, are turning to their mobile devices to access the web. According to the Economic Times, 38 million people, or more than a fifth of India’s 200 million-plus mobile subscribers, access the web via their handsets.

Certainly handsets can’t yet do what your laptop can, but that is rapidly changing and we best be prepared for it. Time we woke up and realized that the mobile digital revolution is upon us!