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Media Metrics Roundup for February 21, 2018

In An Era Of Loyalty, Newspaper Publishers Focus On Time Spent And Frequency
Max Willens / Digiday
The Seattle Times has a dashboard showing which articles lead to the most digital subscriptions.

Tricky Podcast: Attentional Serfdom
Emily Bell and Heather Chaplin / Tricky
The first episode of this highly listenable new podcast looks at “the fight to capture your attention.” (Or just read the transcript.)

7 Tips to Get Better Newsletter Metrics
Jason Alcorn / MetricShift
The best things we learned from our expert panel.

Snapchat Finally Gives Creators Analytics
Josh Constine / TechCrunch
Independent creators can now see time spent, total story views and more.

The Upside Down: Negative Goals In Google Analytics
Samantha Barnes / Luna Metrics
How to set goals that warn you when things go wrong, like unsubscribes or customer support requests.

Brands With Their Own Viewability Standards Are Causing Headaches For The Ad-Tech Industry
Lauren Johnson / Ad Week
Brands like IBM are setting their own, higher, standards. An opportunity for high-value publishers?

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Jason Alcorn (@jasonalcorn) is the Metrics Editor for MediaShift. In addition to his work with MediaShift, he works as a consultant with non-profits and newsrooms.

Jason Alcorn :Jason Alcorn is a media consultant who helps newsrooms, foundations and nonprofits build an informed citizenry through journalism and civic engagement. He is also an award-winning investigative journalist. Get in touch at jason@jasalc.com or @jasonalcorn on Twitter.