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E-Books and Self-Publishing Roundup: January 23, 2018

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  1. Internationalization is Fascinating: the E-Book Case (Jiminy Panoz / Medium)
  2. No, Machines Can’t Read Better than Humans (James Vincent / The Verge)
  3. How To Brief A Cover Designer (David Gaughran / Kobo Writing Life)
  4. Is Japan’s Rakuten the Second Biggest Player in the Western E-Book and Audiobook Markets? (Mark Williams / TNPS)
  5. Seven Awful DRM Moments from the Year (and Two Bright Spots!): 2017 in Review (Cory Doctorow / EFF)

Nate is the founder of The Digital Reader. He also builds and repairs websites, and help authors turn website visitors into readers.

Nate Hoffelder :Nate is the founder of The Digital Reader, the best ebook blog on the web. He also builds and repairs websites, and helps authors and small businesses solve tech problems.